Are you still posting songs?

My last post is from September 2012.


kind regards,




About bertzpoet

Norbert Hirschhorn is a physician in international public health, commended by President Bill Clinton as an “American Health Hero.” He lives in London and Beirut. Hirschhorn has published four full collections of poems: A Cracked River (Slow Dancer Press, London, 1999), Mourning in the Presence of a Corpse (Dar al-Jadeed, Beirut, 2008), Monastery of the Moon (Dar al-Jadeed, Beirut, 2012), To Sing Away the Darkest Days (Holland Park Press, London, 2013 . See his website:
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2 Responses to Are you still posting songs?

  1. Robert H says:

    Hello, I have just started reading the Letters of Emily Dickinson. In the early 1850’s she often asks her brother Austin to obtain two to four refills of a prescription. Do you have any idea what she was taking in her twenties?

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